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My name is Paulina Gonzalez. My husband Luis and I are passionate about photography. To us, photography is more than pressing a button. We believe that photography is about the moment, the mood, the expression and the details.

Lifestyle Photography

Why do we love photography? There is a story behind every picture. Pictures bring beautiful memories back. That is how we remember the expressions our babies used to make. Or how they looked when they were five. Or that birthday party, celebration, holiday, vacation or special get together we had with friends and family. Our kids sit in front of all those photos and talk about how especial that moment was. Photography keeps those memories alive. It brings joy to our family.

And that is what we want for you! We want to freeze that moment in time for you. So you can enjoy those pictures the same way we do. We want to create those wonderful memories for you too.

Our goal is to give you pictures that when you look at them in 20 years, you remember how everything used to be, how you were feeling, the emotions, the expressions, the looks and smiles. We have years of experience working with families and have the talent of capturing natural expressions. As the parents of two young sons, Luis and I understand the approach needed when photographing children. 

Every session is tailored to your family taste and personality. We work with natural light, studio lights and light modifiers. You can choose the location of your photo session. We travel up to 15 miles from Natick, MA at no extra charge. We are flexible to your schedule and location. 


Food & Commercial Photography

Food is a very important part of our life. At home, we love preparing every meal from scratch. We all sit at the table at the same time to enjoy our meals. Food has to look beautiful and has to be deliucious. It wasn't any different when we were growing up. Everyone had to be at the table ready to eat at the same time every day. We learned how to cook at home. It was passed down to us from our mothers and grandmothers.

In early spring of 2011 we started photographing food. We found it intriguing, challenging and rewarding. We are inspired to master food photography with it's complex colors, textures and dimensions. We capture great food images that will make people hungry.

At Lupa Photography, we like to work every session with our clients to suit their needs. Depending on the amount of images desired, the complexity of the shot and the type of license required, we price our session by individual shot or by shooting day. We are very excited to come to your business or restaurant to work with you and your team on getting the most exciting pictures that reflect your products. Please call us or email us for more information.


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According to Forbes the number one error on "8 Mistakes You Should Never Make On LinkedIn" is "not using a picture". The article explains that "You're seven times more likely to have your profile viewed if you have one. Like a house that's on sale, the assumption is that there's no photo, something's wrong". At the same time it is also important to keep in mind that the way we project ourselves in our profile picture invites people to either click on our page or pass on it.

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We are based in Natick, MA and work in and around the Boston metro west area.

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