Picture For A Writer

Our buddy Cory is a self-published author who has released one novel, Dark Shield, which is part one of the Half-Breed Series. It’s a young adult science fiction/fantasy. Recently we took a photo of him to use for his website and blog, and this is the end result.

His blog features a series called Wes Parker: Monster Hunter, which is a collection of stories following Wes as he hunts creatures of the night. Here’s a sample of his first post for the series.

"I don’t know why I get myself into these awful situations. There was a vampire in front of me and a vampire behind me, both eager to feed on my blood. It was a full moon, the sky was clear and the night was cool—a perfect night for hunting. Now these weren’t your now-a-days vampires that you could date and were pretty and blah, blah, blah. These monsters wanted nothing but to drink my blood and were very, very ugly. I personally like myself the way I am so I was going to try and kill them first."

To read more visit his blog cjpikebooks.wordpress.com. You can also find links to his book as well. The second of the Half-Breed Series, Vampire King, comes out on 10/23/13.