Color Combinations for Spring 2014

It has been taking a long time for spring temperatures to arrive. It is almost beginning of April and we are tired of still wearing winter clothes. Lucky for us, temperatures are getting a little better and very soon we'll be able to start wearing vibrant and happy colors. As we are able to spend more time outdoors, great opportunities for taking pictures of our loved ones are coming. With that in mind, I'd like to share some color trends for spring time. Black and white are always in but there are some interesting color combinations that will be relevant this year. Light blue, violet and light green are in, as well as other vibrant colors. Check this link from Pantone where you'll find more detailed information. 

There are also things to keep in mind when choosing clothes for family pictures:
- Always choose clothes that your and your family feel comfortable wearing.
- Avoid big logos and big patterns. They tend to be very distractive.
- Bring layers and accessories . Having the opportunity to use scarves, jackets,  vests, hats, etc. makes a photo shoot more dynamic and gives us the opportunity to have different looks for different pictures.
- Instead of matching colors, select two or three colors that combine well together.