We are changing our logo

We get asked all the time what is the meaning of Lupa? The name Lupa came from mixing the first two letters of our names, Luis and Paulina. But more importantly, in Spanish Lupa means loupe or magnifying glass. We strive to present a product of the highest quality keeping a close look at every detail. The magnifying glass in our logo represents that attention to detail.  

Our company is evolving. At the beginning, children photography was our focus. Over time we expanded to family photography, headshots, corporate and commercial photography, including food and tabletop photography. With the evolution of our business, we realized that a new logo was needed. The first logo will always be with us. It was created by Paulina's childhood friend Ana Barrientos who is an amazing and creative graphic designer that has several years of experience. She is located in Medellín, Colombia. She is currently creating her own page with the products and services she offers. She can be contacted at anabtostarjetas@gmail.com.

The new logo was created by a friend of Luis. His name is Chris Lewis. Chris is a very talented graphic designer who is starting his own company. You can see examples of Chris' work visiting https://www.behance.net/clewdesigns. We asked Chris to design a logo that incorporated the magnifying glass. We also wanted to change the colors of the logo. We wanted colors that reflected what Lupa is. Purple means unusual, creative, inventive and intuitive. Orange, in the other hand, means adventurous, risk-taking, vibrant, warm and enthusiastic.