Practice Makes Perfect

Nowadays, almost all of us, carry at least one camera with us all the time. That means everybody is taking pictures constantly. Just look at Facebook's picture upload numbers. Their users uploaded 350 million pictures per day in 2016. It wouldn't be happening if it wasn't for smart cell phones. And it wouldn't happen if it wasn't for digital photography.

When I changed from film cameras to digital cameras, back in 2001-2002, I remember being impressed by how quick I had access to the pictures I was taking. Back then, I only needed a computer to process those pictures and they were ready to be shared or printed.

Today, pictures I take with my SLR can even be processed in a portable device, like a tablet or a phone. There are no excuses not to take pictures all the time. Using our cameras constantly is the best way to get better at taking pictures. Practice makes perfect.

When we practice constantly we get better at many things.
We learn how to use our cameras. I'm one of those who reads an owner's guide for almost everything I buy. I also watch YouTube videos that teach me how to use the different functions in my camera. But the only way not to forget how to use the camera is using it constantly. One more thing is that our fingers learn where to go to go to press the right button only with practice.
We start seeing things with an artistic eye.
Since we are practicing constantly, we have a better chance to get great pictures all the time.
We are always finding ideas of what to take pictures of. It can be hard to find subjects initially. But it starts getting easier and easier the more we practice.

We don't only have the cameras on our phones with us all the time. We also try to bring our SLR camera everywhere we go. The picture bellow wouldn't have been possible if we didn't have it with us. We saw the girl in the hammock reading a book and we knew it was a great opportunity for a picture.