We Loved Our Nikons And We Still Switched

I started writing about my feelings and why we didn’t stay with Nikon. Then I deleted everything and started again. This time I didn’t want to provide emotional excuses to explain why we did it. Except for one. I’ll be loyal to a company I believe is compromised to provide their customers with the best service and options. A few years ago I worked for a giant consumer electronics company. The owner always believe that customer service was one of the most important assets the company had. Customer service is very expensive. But the return you get is much bigger.

Earlier this year we decided to buy a Sony mirrorless camera and a lens and wait for Nikon to release their own mirrorless camera. Our Nikons had been great and we wanted to stay with them as long as they were to release a good mirrorless camera. Finally they released two. The Z6 and the Z7. They looked amazing. But we decided to still switch to Sony.

How did we make that decision?

1. Lenses. This one is big. Years ago we use to shoot with Canon. Their lenses are solid. Our Nikon lenses were never close to the built quality of Canon lenses. I’m only talking about the way they feel. And Sony lenses feel just as solid as Canon’s. Nikon is not launching a camera with a decent amount of native new lenses. Instead, Nikon sells an adapter to use legacy lenses with their mirrorless cameras. Here is where Nikon’s customer service could have gone above and beyond. It should have been free for existing Nikon shooters. We could have been using our Nikon lenses. But eventually we were going to want to change to mirrorless lenses. They were not only going to take a very long time to be released. They were also more expensive.

2. Adapters. You can use a lot of different manufacturer’s lenses on Sony cameras. It’s not the same with Nikon. It’s difficult to find adapters for other lenses to be used with Nikon cameras.

3. Only one slot for memory card. This item has been very controversial online. A lot of people just get upset to hear that anyone is mentioning it. It was important for us to have two memory cards in our camera for back up. It may not be important for other people.

4. This was their first attempt to mirrorless. I learned the hard way to not buy into a brand new generation of anything. We were going to just get one camera and wait until new generations came out.

Boston at night.jpg

Does our Sony produce better photographs? You make great photographs. Our cameras are just tools. Most of them produce amazing results in the right hands. Here you see two different photographs taken with two different cameras and lenses. I can’t say one is better than the other one.

Boston at night 1.jpg

Like all tools, we are going to find pros and cons. And we went with the tool that had the most pros for us. You may be thinking about buying any of the cameras discussed here. I gave you the reasons why we moved to Sony. Your needs and your preferences will guide you to get the camera system you need.