Interior Design

We were contacted by a construction company that was designing and building their new website. They wanted to focus on building a portfolio of their most recent finished jobs. After a couple of meetings and some planning, we started the process of taking the pictures at each of the locations they chose. 

To take the picture below, we first scouted the place, turned on all the lights in the home, dimmed the brightest of them and set up the camera to get the best angle and composition for what we wanted to show. Once we had the camera in place, we set the lighting. This was the task that took the longest. We wanted to make sure that the entire place was illuminated and avoid dark areas. Most importantly, we needed to highlight the features that the constructors wanted to show. Just before we took the picture, we started the fire in the fireplace

Photographing Interiors

Last week I had the pleasure of taking some interior photos from a beautiful home that Cara Hulme is listing in Newton, MA. This was the first time we worked together. It was a very nice experience. The house had lots of windows and skylights that allowed a lot of natural light to come in. 

Cheese And Wine

This is one of our latest work. There are many differences between photographing people and products. People can communicate their emotions and how they are feeling with their facial and body expressions. Products don't. So, we need to set them up in a way that  we can communicate the emotions and mood we want them to represent. We love doing product photography. It is challenging. 

Holiday Photo for Boston Gourmet Chefs


For the second year, we were invited by Boston Gourmet Chefs to take a photo for their holiday card. This year's theme was the 1920's. The goal was to send a message to their clients to celebrate with the company this holiday season,  showcasing their products. To achieve this, we researched the photography style and lighting from the era. The set up was designed as if they were together in a party with their clients. The four of them were posed around the table while enjoying  a glass of champagne. We illuminated the table from above with a softbox with a grid. Then, we illuminated  the four of them using three more lights with grids to avoid light spilling to the walls. We needed to focus on the people as well as the food. . Therefore in post production, we decided to separate the two things we needed to show by giving the photo an effect with grain and sepia colors to show some age to them. And we left the table with food with natural colors, This allowed the viewer to focus on both the people and the beautiful hors devours well.

boston gourmet 2.jpg

Product Photography - Smoothies for SooGood

We have a  passion for photography and a passion for good and beautiful food. Put those two together and this is what we get. We love to make food photography. We enjoy working with different textures, shapes and colors of food.  We are very detail oriented. That is key to do any kind of food photography. We are currently working on taking photos for SooGood. A smoothie and coffee place that recently opened its doors in Natick, next to Planet Fitness. 

Commercial Shoot For Marissa Farrell

We recently were approached by Marissa Farrell to take pictures for her business' website which highlights her work as a yoga teacher, doula, and massage therapist.  Her goal was that people would be able to see her working at her new massage studio and to give people an idea of the mood and feel for the experience they would get with her. Marissa offers her massage services at Boston Personal Training in South Natick, Stepping Stone Acupuncture and Wellness in Wellesley, and yoga services at Laughing Dog Yoga Studio in Wellesley.