High School Senior Pictures

With the start of the school year, this is a busy season for portraits for high school seniors who require a formal picture for their yearbook. This is also a great opportunity to take some different photos with props that reflect their personality and what they like. This week we took photos for Sam Morse. He wanted a dark background for the clothes he was going to wear. We set up the studio with only one light with a soft box and a reflector as a fill light. After we finished with his formal portrait we took some more pictures with a hat that he brought and also with some casual clothes.  He was very happy with the end result. It was a great session. 

Studio Portrait

As kids grow, it gets more challenging to get natural smiles. Somehow, once they turn five, they start to give you a "cheese" smile when they stand in front of the camera. That being said, it is really important to learn ahead of time what makes the kid happy, what makes him or her smile, what things he or her gets excited about.  This information, along with a proper studio setup is key to a successful photo session. 

The set up for this session was rather simple. To the right, I used a studio light with a softbox as the main light, a reflector on the left to fill some light and a light with an umbrella directed to the backdrop to create some separation between the kid and the backdrop. 

Corporate Headshot

A pre-consultation session with a client before a photo session is key to success. If you've never met before, introducing each other before the session helps both the client and the photographer to be more comfortable with each other the day of the photo shoot. If you already know each other, it is equally important to meet before hand and talk about expectations, style of the photographer and what the client envisions. What it is that motivates the client to get pictures taken. What he or she look to accomplish with the photos, etc. Some times a client doesn't know what they want, so, having samples of photos on hand and listening for your client's reaction to different compositions help to understand what they really want. All the information that you get from a pre-consultation meeting is really important to know how to approach the photo session and editing of the photos.

This headshot of Krista Anderson is one of the photos that we took for her real estate website, business cards and LinkedIn page. When we met, she told me that some of the characteristics that she wanted to reflect were confidence, approachability and professionalism. Krista is a Realtor in Massachusetts. If you are buying or selling property, visit her website at http://kristaanderson.kwrealty.com and contact her anytime with your real estate needs.


Daily Picture - Headshot Photo Session

It is amazing how Linkedin has changed the professional market place. The way we project ourselves in our profile picture invites people to either click on our page or pass on it. This photo session was very exciting for us because our client had a specific idea of what he wanted to project with his photo. His ideas lead us to do a creative headshot session where we explored different backgrounds to achieve what he wanted to portrait. The location chosen to take the pictures was challenging. We had never taken pictures in the Boston Financial District area.  And that came with its own challenges. We had to pack light because we were going to have to walk long distances with our gear. That means that we couldn't bring everything we usually bring to a photo session. But at the end it was a rewarding and successful session.

At the end this is the photo that we liked the most. The funny thing about it is that we decided to take it when we were done with the session and we were already packing. We saw an additional opportunity for a picture with a nice background that presented a very even light. We couldn't pass on it. So we said, why not? let's take one more picture. 

What helped made this picture successful? At the end of a photo session the person being photographed is usually more relaxed in front of the camera and acts more naturally. And the photographer has a better connection with that person and knows what angles work best for him or her.

The photo session was great. We had a lot of fun. Our client was terrific. He was ready to try every idea we had, always with a great attitude.

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Daily Picture - Valentine's Day Pictures

This picture was taken at the Valentine's Day event we had with ColoresKids . Kids had a great time doing crafts and getting their pictures taken. We set up our portable studio with a white background and different props to choose from for boys and girls.


Daily Picture - Half Face in B&W

 I have a project. I want to be better at black and white photography. I want to try to post one or two B&W pictures per week in this blog. And once I have tips, I will share them. 

I'm not showing the entire face in this picture. In many cases, showing only a portion of the entire thing makes it more intersting. A flash wasn't used for this picture. It was at night and there was two dim bulbs in each side of the room.  it appears like if it was taken in the middle of the day. The ISO was a bit high, the shutter speed was really slow and the aperture was wide open.

Exposure: 1/6 Sec at f/2.5   ISO Speed Rating: ISO800   Focal Length: 45mm   Lens: Olympus M.45mm F1.8    Flash: Didn't fire       

Exposure: 1/6 Sec at f/2.5

ISO Speed Rating: ISO800

Focal Length: 45mm

Lens: Olympus M.45mm F1.8

Flash: Didn't fire


Picture For A Writer

Our buddy Cory is a self-published author who has released one novel, Dark Shield, which is part one of the Half-Breed Series. It’s a young adult science fiction/fantasy. Recently we took a photo of him to use for his website and blog, and this is the end result.

His blog features a series called Wes Parker: Monster Hunter, which is a collection of stories following Wes as he hunts creatures of the night. Here’s a sample of his first post for the series.

"I don’t know why I get myself into these awful situations. There was a vampire in front of me and a vampire behind me, both eager to feed on my blood. It was a full moon, the sky was clear and the night was cool—a perfect night for hunting. Now these weren’t your now-a-days vampires that you could date and were pretty and blah, blah, blah. These monsters wanted nothing but to drink my blood and were very, very ugly. I personally like myself the way I am so I was going to try and kill them first."

To read more visit his blog cjpikebooks.wordpress.com. You can also find links to his book as well. The second of the Half-Breed Series, Vampire King, comes out on 10/23/13.