End of Soccer Season

It was the last day of the kids soccer season. Like every Saturday, kids were very excited to play a match. And we had our camera there to document it. This is one of our son’s teammates. He loves to play soccer and to move the ball around. He is also very athletic. His moves are strong.

We captured most of the match. It is great to photograph kids sports. And like any kind of photography, it is challenging. You need a fast shutter speed. Maybe a higher ISO setting. And you need to set up the camera to track movement when it is focusing. A telephoto zoom is a must and a monopod is a great tool to have.  Make sure you know the sport you are going to photograph. It’s important to anticipate the moment and to know what is the best angle to photograph from. Look at sports magazines to know the angles sports photographers use. Stay out of the way of the athletes. And mind the background. A beautiful picture of the athlete with a trash can on the background will ruin the picture. 


I had some roses at home that my son gave me the other day. He wanted me to keep them "forever". I explain they wouldn't last that long. So I decided to get my camera with a macro lens and take a photo of one of them. That way we would be able to have them forever in our memories. I believe that is what I love most about photography. It allows us to keep memories that are special to us. I'm sure that in the future when my son and I look at this picture, we'll remember when he went to the store with his dad and brought roses for me.  That was very special!

Swimming New Season

With the start of the sports' season, there are many opportunities to take pictures of our children. Ours, in particular, like to swim, play soccer and ride bikes more than anything else. We are very involved on their sports and enjoy watching them get better every time. Three months ago, our son wanted to improve his butterfly stroke. Over the summer, he worked very hard on it. He is happy with his late results. Being able to capture him doing his new improved stroke was very satisfying for us. To him, it was important to be able to see how it looks when he does it well. When we took this photo and showed it to him, he had a huge smile in his face. It made him very proud!

Walking in The Woods

Since my kids were home today, we decided to go for a nature walk which they enjoy very much. While the kids brought binoculars and a toy camera. I decided to bring my camera. Bringing this thing with us gave us the opportunity to appreciate even more our surroundings. We looked for details and interesting things along the way. We made several stops to take pictures of things that caught our eyes. This is my favorite picture of the day. I love how the light hits the plant and brings all that texture and color to life.