Walking in The Woods

Since my kids were home today, we decided to go for a nature walk which they enjoy very much. While the kids brought binoculars and a toy camera. I decided to bring my camera. Bringing this thing with us gave us the opportunity to appreciate even more our surroundings. We looked for details and interesting things along the way. We made several stops to take pictures of things that caught our eyes. This is my favorite picture of the day. I love how the light hits the plant and brings all that texture and color to life. 

Under the Bridge

Many times I have walked around the Boston Public Garden. Every time I go, I admire the suspended bridge and get distracted looking at the swam boats, ducks, trees, people walking around, etc. This time, for the fist time, I decided to walk under the bridge. I had the opportunity to appreciate its construction from underneath. Its columns give the bridge a very strong appearance. I  was lucky that at that specific time of the day, the sun divided the bridge with a perfect triangle. Also, the reflection of light from the ice, defined really well the lines of the concrete on top.