Corporate Headshot

A pre-consultation session with a client before a photo session is key to success. If you've never met before, introducing each other before the session helps both the client and the photographer to be more comfortable with each other the day of the photo shoot. If you already know each other, it is equally important to meet before hand and talk about expectations, style of the photographer and what the client envisions. What it is that motivates the client to get pictures taken. What he or she look to accomplish with the photos, etc. Some times a client doesn't know what they want, so, having samples of photos on hand and listening for your client's reaction to different compositions help to understand what they really want. All the information that you get from a pre-consultation meeting is really important to know how to approach the photo session and editing of the photos.

This headshot of Krista Anderson is one of the photos that we took for her real estate website, business cards and LinkedIn page. When we met, she told me that some of the characteristics that she wanted to reflect were confidence, approachability and professionalism. Krista is a Realtor in Massachusetts. If you are buying or selling property, visit her website at and contact her anytime with your real estate needs.