"It's Fun In Fall"

Fall is beautiful in New England. The weather starts to get colder. Leaves start to change their colors and trees lose their leaves. Kids play in the park wearing warmer and colorful clothes that contrast with the leaves. The sun is at a lower angle. That means the light from the sun is warmer. And once we combine all of them together, it is simply the perfect time to make photography.

While I was writing this post, my son sat next to me. He read it, and said, "it needs more". He started to dictate what he thought we needed to say. "It's fun in fall. The leaves start to change their colors. It gets colder. Kids  like to play in leaf piles. It's the perfect time to have some fall fun. Also, birds fly south for the winter to survive in a warmer place like Florida. Because it never snows there or get even colder"

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Daily Picture - Fall Family Session

One of the challenges of photo sessions at the pick of the fall is that the landscape can change from one day to the next. You need to have your eyes open at all times looking for different alternatives. When we picked this location, trees were yellow and beautiful. We were also lucky that the day of the photo shoot we had some breeze that helped lots of leaves to fall in the middle of the photo shoot. That allowed us to be creative and play with different  poses.  And, on top of that,  it made kids happy . Two days later all leaves had fallen down those trees. Scenery had a very different feel. 

Daily Picture - Fall Rain

It's been a while since I wrote a post. I've have some photos from various photo sessions we've done lately that I'd like to share. I will do that starting tomorrow. Today, I want to share a photo that I took this morning from a walk in the rain with my son. Temperature was nice, so we decided to get the umbrellas and put on rain boots to go outside. Since he loves walking with his umbrella and jumping in puddles, he jumped off the couch and got himself ready to go.

To get this shot, I made sure that I had enough speed to freeze the action and get the splash in the shot. Because my son's umbrella is green, I asked him to pull the umbrella far from his face so we didn't get green reflection in his face and also to be able to get more light in his face. 

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Daily Picture - Leaf Leaping

There is nothing more exciting for a kid that runing into a pile of leaves. They can play there forever if you let them.   

Exposure: 1/125 Sec at f/2.5  ISO Speed Rating: ISO200   Focal Length: 135mm   Lens: EF135mm f/2.0L IS USM    Flash: Didn't fire      

Exposure: 1/125 Sec at f/2.5

ISO Speed Rating: ISO200

Focal Length: 135mm

Lens: EF135mm f/2.0L IS USM

Flash: Didn't fire