High School Senior Pictures

With the start of the school year, this is a busy season for portraits for high school seniors who require a formal picture for their yearbook. This is also a great opportunity to take some different photos with props that reflect their personality and what they like. This week we took photos for Sam Morse. He wanted a dark background for the clothes he was going to wear. We set up the studio with only one light with a soft box and a reflector as a fill light. After we finished with his formal portrait we took some more pictures with a hat that he brought and also with some casual clothes.  He was very happy with the end result. It was a great session. 

High School Senior Photo Session

These are some of our favorite pictures of a recent high school senior photo session we did in New Hampshire. Ally was great to work with. The location was amazing. We had a big variety of backgrounds to work with. I woyld love to do a photo-shoot there again any time.