Photographing Twins

For the last three years, we have been photographing these beautiful twins. Now I can identify them more and more by their personalities. Even though, sometimes it is hard to tell them apart . They are both very cute. They love playing with each other. One of them seems to be more adventurous than the other.  I bet, she gets more in trouble. The other one is more introvertive.   I love to see how much children change from one year to the next. How their faces change. And how their personalities start to shape. 

Zip Lining in Boston

What a perfect way to end February vacation! With the beautiful weather that we had this past Saturday, we decided to go to Boston for a walk along the river. The first think that our kids noticed was the new play space at the Esplanade. Of course, we had to stop there. They had so much fun zip lining and climbing the spider web. We also had fun taking pictures of them. For this particular photo, a slow shutter speed was needed to show some action of our son riding the zip line.   

Cheese And Wine

This is one of our latest work. There are many differences between photographing people and products. People can communicate their emotions and how they are feeling with their facial and body expressions. Products don't. So, we need to set them up in a way that  we can communicate the emotions and mood we want them to represent. We love doing product photography. It is challenging. 

Memories From Last Winter

Last week we decided to make our family photo book of 2015. When we were going through our pictures and selecting what we wanted for the book, we came across this picture. It is one of our favorites images from last winter. It not only brought memories of how much snow we had in February but most importantly, memories of how much our kids enjoyed playing in the snow. We certainly are not looking forward to getting that much snow, but it would be nice to have just a little bit for us to play outside.


This is one of our favorites photos from a recent family photo sessions. I love how serene and beautiful Bella looks laying on the ground as if dreaming and enjoying the sun and the outdoors. She was great to work with. She was very sweet and had a very positive attitude towards the photo session. 

Dreams 1.jpg

Holiday Photo for Boston Gourmet Chefs


For the second year, we were invited by Boston Gourmet Chefs to take a photo for their holiday card. This year's theme was the 1920's. The goal was to send a message to their clients to celebrate with the company this holiday season,  showcasing their products. To achieve this, we researched the photography style and lighting from the era. The set up was designed as if they were together in a party with their clients. The four of them were posed around the table while enjoying  a glass of champagne. We illuminated the table from above with a softbox with a grid. Then, we illuminated  the four of them using three more lights with grids to avoid light spilling to the walls. We needed to focus on the people as well as the food. . Therefore in post production, we decided to separate the two things we needed to show by giving the photo an effect with grain and sepia colors to show some age to them. And we left the table with food with natural colors, This allowed the viewer to focus on both the people and the beautiful hors devours well.

boston gourmet 2.jpg

End of Soccer Season

It was the last day of the kids soccer season. Like every Saturday, kids were very excited to play a match. And we had our camera there to document it. This is one of our son’s teammates. He loves to play soccer and to move the ball around. He is also very athletic. His moves are strong.

We captured most of the match. It is great to photograph kids sports. And like any kind of photography, it is challenging. You need a fast shutter speed. Maybe a higher ISO setting. And you need to set up the camera to track movement when it is focusing. A telephoto zoom is a must and a monopod is a great tool to have.  Make sure you know the sport you are going to photograph. It’s important to anticipate the moment and to know what is the best angle to photograph from. Look at sports magazines to know the angles sports photographers use. Stay out of the way of the athletes. And mind the background. A beautiful picture of the athlete with a trash can on the background will ruin the picture. 

Vacation Relaxation

A picture is a frozen moment in time. Pictures have to tell a story. So it's important to capture the mood of the time that is being frozen in time. The way she was dressed up, what she was doing, the chairs in the background, the location by the water. Everything tells us that she could be on vacation or on a enjoying a long weekend. The sunglasses, the dress and the way she is sitting tell us that it was bright day and the temperature was very comfortable.

When I look at this picture, I travel to a place of relaxation and tranquility. 

By The Lake

Every year when we go to Maine, we take Elizabeth's and Grace's family portrait. We enjoy to see how they interact with each other and how much they grow from one year to the next. Elizabeth is very mature and has patience for posing. She enjoys getting her pictures taken. This year we saw Grace growing a lot. She was a lot more comfortable in front of the camera than previous years. She gave us beautiful smiles and allowed us take gorgeous pictures of her having fun in the water, baking, etc. 


Wedding Portrait

We recently photographed Kelly's and Steve's wedding. The bride, the groom and their families were very welcoming. Weeks before the wedding we meat and talked on the phone with them a few of times. In the first meeting we got to meet each other and they understood if we were the right photographers for them. Over the next few weeks we were able to plan the wedding schedule and to setup the right expectations.

Then the big day came and all the planning and understanding of the day paid off. We knew exactly what equipment we needed and where to be at different times during the day. Making the day for the couple and for us less stressful. And the end result was what we imagined. Seeing how the couple loved the pictures was the most rewarding thing for us.

Portrait at Sunset

We took this picture on our vacation in Maine a couple of weeks ago. The kids were ready for bed when we saw this amazing sunset. Very quickly we got our camera and flash and asked the kids to sit on the dock. Exposing for the sky was necessary to catch its vibrant colors but that meant that everything else was going to be underexposed. We didn't want to capture a silhouette. Therefore, using a flash was necessary to illuminate the kids. Flash was off the camera. We also feathered the light from the flash to avoid harsh lighting on their faces.  The end result is this beautiful picture of the kids enjoying nature and beautiful landscape with a gorgeous sunset.

Daily Picture - Astonishing Eyes

This is one my favorite pictures of a family photo session we did recently. We fell in love with the intensity of the girl's beautiful eyes that are well complemented by the green background. It was taken outdoors, using only natural light and a reflector. This was a very rewarding experience. Her brother was very sweet and excited about the photo session. Emilie was sweet and friendly but she wasn't as interested about the pictures as her brother was, but she was intrigued. So, we spent some time walking around with her and her brother before we took pictures. We even saw them sharing some time with some of their friends playing outside. That helped them to feel more comfortable with us. They talked to us about their interests, their cat and details about the backyard. It also gave us an opportunity to scout the area, and to see the direction of the sun and the quality of the light. Taking that time with them was key. It was very important for us that this was a positive experience for the family. That ultimately is reflected in the results of the photo session.

Daily Picture - Headshot Photo Session

It is amazing how Linkedin has changed the professional market place. The way we project ourselves in our profile picture invites people to either click on our page or pass on it. This photo session was very exciting for us because our client had a specific idea of what he wanted to project with his photo. His ideas lead us to do a creative headshot session where we explored different backgrounds to achieve what he wanted to portrait. The location chosen to take the pictures was challenging. We had never taken pictures in the Boston Financial District area.  And that came with its own challenges. We had to pack light because we were going to have to walk long distances with our gear. That means that we couldn't bring everything we usually bring to a photo session. But at the end it was a rewarding and successful session.

At the end this is the photo that we liked the most. The funny thing about it is that we decided to take it when we were done with the session and we were already packing. We saw an additional opportunity for a picture with a nice background that presented a very even light. We couldn't pass on it. So we said, why not? let's take one more picture. 

What helped made this picture successful? At the end of a photo session the person being photographed is usually more relaxed in front of the camera and acts more naturally. And the photographer has a better connection with that person and knows what angles work best for him or her.

The photo session was great. We had a lot of fun. Our client was terrific. He was ready to try every idea we had, always with a great attitude.

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Daily Picture - Fall Rain

It's been a while since I wrote a post. I've have some photos from various photo sessions we've done lately that I'd like to share. I will do that starting tomorrow. Today, I want to share a photo that I took this morning from a walk in the rain with my son. Temperature was nice, so we decided to get the umbrellas and put on rain boots to go outside. Since he loves walking with his umbrella and jumping in puddles, he jumped off the couch and got himself ready to go.

To get this shot, I made sure that I had enough speed to freeze the action and get the splash in the shot. Because my son's umbrella is green, I asked him to pull the umbrella far from his face so we didn't get green reflection in his face and also to be able to get more light in his face. 

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Daily Picture- Barefoot Curly hair Girl

This picture was taken at a photo shoot we did last week. The place that the family chose for the shoot gave us a variety of backgrounds to work with. I specially loved this pat. The colors of bushes and flowers, the texture of the brick and stones and the simplicity of the dress gave us a great combination for the composition.

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Daily Picture - Playing at the Beach


There is nothing better for a child than having water, sand and a bucket. It is just hours of fun when you combine the three together. To compose this picture, I wanted to have the reflection of my son in the water. I also wanted to include the different layers of colors and feel of the ocean. 

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Daily Picture - Grandma

We are very lucky to have my mom in town to visit us and to spend some time with our kids. They are spending precious moments with her. This picture was taken the day after she arrived when we went outside to watch the kids playing.

When editing the picture I decided not to soften any of the wrinkles in her face. I thing she still looks amazing the way she is. 

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Daily Picture - Lighting Test for a Photo Shoot

With this photo shoot we wanted to document an amazing friendship among five kids  and get some memories of how they spend vacations together. In this picture, we are doing a lighting test for a final image of these five friends on the dock at sunset. These five kids have been friends since they were babies. It is incredible how 8 years have past for the three older ones. They go to different schools. They play different sports and have different interests. Yet, every time they see each other they get very excited and play like if they had been together every day all their life. It is an amazing friendship that I believe will last for a lifetime. 

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niños en muelle.jpg

Daily Picture - Jumping In The Lake

In the next couple of days, I will be posting some pictures that we took while on vacation in Maine. I love this one in particular. It's one of those memories we will never forget. The kids jumping from the doc all at the same time. You get the idea of how much fun all the kids had together... Priceless memories!

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Exposure: 1/800 sec at  f/2.8   ISO Speed Rating: ISO100   Focal Length:100mm   Lens: Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM   Flash: Didn't fired

Exposure: 1/800 sec at  f/2.8
ISO Speed Rating: ISO100
Focal Length:100mm
Lens: Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM
Flash: Didn't fired

Daily Picture - By the Ocean

There is something about water that makes it very attractive, specially when we talk about the ocean. Its colors, the transparency that allows you to see what is in the bottom, the magic of the sound of the waves, etc. I could stay here writing about all these adjectives that come to my mind. And if you add children to to the recipe and take advantage of how much they enjoy playing in the water, you have the perfect combination for great photos. 

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Exposure: 1/800 sec at  f/4.0   ISO Speed Rating: ISO100   Focal Length:100mm   Lens: Sigma 24-105mm f/4.0   Flash: Didn't fired

Exposure: 1/800 sec at  f/4.0
ISO Speed Rating: ISO100
Focal Length:100mm
Lens: Sigma 24-105mm f/4.0
Flash: Didn't fired