Cheese And Wine

This is one of our latest work. There are many differences between photographing people and products. People can communicate their emotions and how they are feeling with their facial and body expressions. Products don't. So, we need to set them up in a way that  we can communicate the emotions and mood we want them to represent. We love doing product photography. It is challenging. 

Product Photography - Smoothies for SooGood

We have a  passion for photography and a passion for good and beautiful food. Put those two together and this is what we get. We love to make food photography. We enjoy working with different textures, shapes and colors of food.  We are very detail oriented. That is key to do any kind of food photography. We are currently working on taking photos for SooGood. A smoothie and coffee place that recently opened its doors in Natick, next to Planet Fitness. 


This morning I decided to work on some personal projects. A while ago a friend of mine gave me a sample of  a cement counter top she didn't need. I thought that it could be fantastic to use it to place some subjects in my photography. I picked up some pears to photograph this morning and I immediately remembered that I had this block. It's colors and texture were a perfect complement for my pears.  I set the pears on the cement. Using natural light, I turned the camera on and selected live view. I started placing reflectors, one at a time where I though some fill light was needed until I saw the result I wanted on my camera. When I was happy with the lighting, I took the photo. At the end, I used three white boards for fill light. One to reflect the pears on the back. The other two were used to reflect each of the pear slices.