"It's Fun In Fall"

Fall is beautiful in New England. The weather starts to get colder. Leaves start to change their colors and trees lose their leaves. Kids play in the park wearing warmer and colorful clothes that contrast with the leaves. The sun is at a lower angle. That means the light from the sun is warmer. And once we combine all of them together, it is simply the perfect time to make photography.

While I was writing this post, my son sat next to me. He read it, and said, "it needs more". He started to dictate what he thought we needed to say. "It's fun in fall. The leaves start to change their colors. It gets colder. Kids  like to play in leaf piles. It's the perfect time to have some fall fun. Also, birds fly south for the winter to survive in a warmer place like Florida. Because it never snows there or get even colder"

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Fall Family Photos

With trees changing colors and leaves falling on the ground, the scenery is more and more interesting for family photography. All around becomes warmer and inviting. It is one of the best times of the year for portraits. Also, a great opportunity for thinking on photos for holiday cards. Give us a call soon at 508-964-0430 to schedule your photo session before the colors are gone. We are offering full photo sessions and mini sessions as well.


Why Black and White

When photographing black and white photos, textures, light and shadows take over the photo, and all of a sudden you see things you didn't see before. Composition elements and leading lines become more prominent in the picture. In this case, the direction of the tree branch and the fence leading to my son's body. We get to appreciate the tree texture even more. And,  more importantly, once the distraction of color is gone, it is about the story, the experience and the moment that is being photographed.  

Daily Picture - Baby by the Leaves

The other day at the park, my son and a couple of his friends started to play with the foliage after they finished playing soccer. I started taking pictures of them. This very cute and curious baby kept crawling to try to get close to the camera. I asked her and her mom if they wanted a picture. She sat down and stopped looking to touch the camera. I really think she was asking me to take some pictures of her too. Maybe she was thinking why are you only taking pictures of them and not me? by the way I’m cutter. I have to say she was a great model. She sat next to a tree, extended her arms and gave her mom a beautiful smile. The light from the sun illuminating the grass behind the tree was harsh and the background was going to be overexposed. So I position myself on an angle to only capture the baby and the tree behind her.


Daily Picture - Fall Family Session

One of the challenges of photo sessions at the pick of the fall is that the landscape can change from one day to the next. You need to have your eyes open at all times looking for different alternatives. When we picked this location, trees were yellow and beautiful. We were also lucky that the day of the photo shoot we had some breeze that helped lots of leaves to fall in the middle of the photo shoot. That allowed us to be creative and play with different  poses.  And, on top of that,  it made kids happy . Two days later all leaves had fallen down those trees. Scenery had a very different feel. 

Daily Picture - Astonishing Eyes

This is one my favorite pictures of a family photo session we did recently. We fell in love with the intensity of the girl's beautiful eyes that are well complemented by the green background. It was taken outdoors, using only natural light and a reflector. This was a very rewarding experience. Her brother was very sweet and excited about the photo session. Emilie was sweet and friendly but she wasn't as interested about the pictures as her brother was, but she was intrigued. So, we spent some time walking around with her and her brother before we took pictures. We even saw them sharing some time with some of their friends playing outside. That helped them to feel more comfortable with us. They talked to us about their interests, their cat and details about the backyard. It also gave us an opportunity to scout the area, and to see the direction of the sun and the quality of the light. Taking that time with them was key. It was very important for us that this was a positive experience for the family. That ultimately is reflected in the results of the photo session.