Memories From Last Winter

Last week we decided to make our family photo book of 2015. When we were going through our pictures and selecting what we wanted for the book, we came across this picture. It is one of our favorites images from last winter. It not only brought memories of how much snow we had in February but most importantly, memories of how much our kids enjoyed playing in the snow. We certainly are not looking forward to getting that much snow, but it would be nice to have just a little bit for us to play outside.

Daily Picture - Morning Winter Landscape

I'd like to share a photo we took the other day in the morning. It is very cool how the sun reflects in the tree branches that are covered in snow. With today's snow storm, the landscape is very different. The sky is grey and the street is cover in snow. I will post a picture later when we go out to play with the kids,

snow at sunset-1.jpg