I had some roses at home that my son gave me the other day. He wanted me to keep them "forever". I explain they wouldn't last that long. So I decided to get my camera with a macro lens and take a photo of one of them. That way we would be able to have them forever in our memories. I believe that is what I love most about photography. It allows us to keep memories that are special to us. I'm sure that in the future when my son and I look at this picture, we'll remember when he went to the store with his dad and brought roses for me.  That was very special!

Swimming New Season

With the start of the sports' season, there are many opportunities to take pictures of our children. Ours, in particular, like to swim, play soccer and ride bikes more than anything else. We are very involved on their sports and enjoy watching them get better every time. Three months ago, our son wanted to improve his butterfly stroke. Over the summer, he worked very hard on it. He is happy with his late results. Being able to capture him doing his new improved stroke was very satisfying for us. To him, it was important to be able to see how it looks when he does it well. When we took this photo and showed it to him, he had a huge smile in his face. It made him very proud!

Walking in The Woods

Since my kids were home today, we decided to go for a nature walk which they enjoy very much. While the kids brought binoculars and a toy camera. I decided to bring my camera. Bringing this thing with us gave us the opportunity to appreciate even more our surroundings. We looked for details and interesting things along the way. We made several stops to take pictures of things that caught our eyes. This is my favorite picture of the day. I love how the light hits the plant and brings all that texture and color to life. 

Commercial Shoot For Marissa Farrell

We recently were approached by Marissa Farrell to take pictures for her business' website which highlights her work as a yoga teacher, doula, and massage therapist.  Her goal was that people would be able to see her working at her new massage studio and to give people an idea of the mood and feel for the experience they would get with her. Marissa offers her massage services at Boston Personal Training in South Natick, Stepping Stone Acupuncture and Wellness in Wellesley, and yoga services at Laughing Dog Yoga Studio in Wellesley. 

High School Senior Pictures

With the start of the school year, this is a busy season for portraits for high school seniors who require a formal picture for their yearbook. This is also a great opportunity to take some different photos with props that reflect their personality and what they like. This week we took photos for Sam Morse. He wanted a dark background for the clothes he was going to wear. We set up the studio with only one light with a soft box and a reflector as a fill light. After we finished with his formal portrait we took some more pictures with a hat that he brought and also with some casual clothes.  He was very happy with the end result. It was a great session. 

Matt & Christine's Wedding

This past Sunday we had the honor to photograph Matt and Christine Leathers' wedding. When I arrived at Christine's house to start with the pictures, she opened the door with a big smile in her face. I knew that it was going to be one of the happiest days in her life. She looked beautiful and glamorous. We were ready to start capturing this meaningful day. 

A wedding is a once in a lifetime event. There is no room for error. That makes wedding photography challenging and rewarding. We get a chance to be part of one of the most important moments in someone’s life. The day of the wedding we can spend around eight hours with the couple. From the time they start getting ready, until the end of the reception.  A wedding is full of special and emotional moments. In most cases, the conditions to take pictures are challenging. There is little control of the light and the background. Also, the angle from where a picture can be taken is limited.

At the end of a long day, we get home and download the pictures to the computer. And there is a period of anxiety just waiting to see how the pictures look like. These pictures came out beautiful. We know they are anxious to see them too.

Luis and I were honored to be part of this beautiful day. We wish them happiness in their life together.

Why Black and White

When photographing black and white photos, textures, light and shadows take over the photo, and all of a sudden you see things you didn't see before. Composition elements and leading lines become more prominent in the picture. In this case, the direction of the tree branch and the fence leading to my son's body. We get to appreciate the tree texture even more. And,  more importantly, once the distraction of color is gone, it is about the story, the experience and the moment that is being photographed.  

Ride for Kids New England event this weekend

I recently learned about Ride for Kids program that supports the work of Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. Their New England fundraising and awareness event is happening this Sunday. It is going on at The Mountain at Bose Corporation. Kids battling brain cancer and their families get to ride with the motorcyclist and will enjoy some activities. Consider making a donation for this program. We'll be there taking photos for the foundation. To learn more, visit their website.


Vacation Relaxation

A picture is a frozen moment in time. Pictures have to tell a story. So it's important to capture the mood of the time that is being frozen in time. The way she was dressed up, what she was doing, the chairs in the background, the location by the water. Everything tells us that she could be on vacation or on a enjoying a long weekend. The sunglasses, the dress and the way she is sitting tell us that it was bright day and the temperature was very comfortable.

When I look at this picture, I travel to a place of relaxation and tranquility. 

By The Lake

Every year when we go to Maine, we take Elizabeth's and Grace's family portrait. We enjoy to see how they interact with each other and how much they grow from one year to the next. Elizabeth is very mature and has patience for posing. She enjoys getting her pictures taken. This year we saw Grace growing a lot. She was a lot more comfortable in front of the camera than previous years. She gave us beautiful smiles and allowed us take gorgeous pictures of her having fun in the water, baking, etc. 


Wedding Portrait

We recently photographed Kelly's and Steve's wedding. The bride, the groom and their families were very welcoming. Weeks before the wedding we meat and talked on the phone with them a few of times. In the first meeting we got to meet each other and they understood if we were the right photographers for them. Over the next few weeks we were able to plan the wedding schedule and to setup the right expectations.

Then the big day came and all the planning and understanding of the day paid off. We knew exactly what equipment we needed and where to be at different times during the day. Making the day for the couple and for us less stressful. And the end result was what we imagined. Seeing how the couple loved the pictures was the most rewarding thing for us.

Portrait at Sunset

We took this picture on our vacation in Maine a couple of weeks ago. The kids were ready for bed when we saw this amazing sunset. Very quickly we got our camera and flash and asked the kids to sit on the dock. Exposing for the sky was necessary to catch its vibrant colors but that meant that everything else was going to be underexposed. We didn't want to capture a silhouette. Therefore, using a flash was necessary to illuminate the kids. Flash was off the camera. We also feathered the light from the flash to avoid harsh lighting on their faces.  The end result is this beautiful picture of the kids enjoying nature and beautiful landscape with a gorgeous sunset.

Children and Pets Love

One of my favorite themes to photograph is the love between children and animals.They have such genuine feeling. Dogs, for example, are magnets to my children. Every time they see a dog, they stop and ask the owner if they can pet it. This one in particular is a dog that belonged to a farm that we visited over the weekend. My son fell in love with this dog. And I have the feeling that the dog was also happy to receive all this love from my child. 

Boston Marathon 2015

For the last eight years we have watched the Boston Marathon. We always arrive early expecting to see the first athletes that pass. I am always moved by the tenacity and determination of these people. No matter if it is raining and cold like today, or if it is a hot and humid day, they don't give up. They run with all their hearth. It is so inspiring! 


This morning I decided to work on some personal projects. A while ago a friend of mine gave me a sample of  a cement counter top she didn't need. I thought that it could be fantastic to use it to place some subjects in my photography. I picked up some pears to photograph this morning and I immediately remembered that I had this block. It's colors and texture were a perfect complement for my pears.  I set the pears on the cement. Using natural light, I turned the camera on and selected live view. I started placing reflectors, one at a time where I though some fill light was needed until I saw the result I wanted on my camera. When I was happy with the lighting, I took the photo. At the end, I used three white boards for fill light. One to reflect the pears on the back. The other two were used to reflect each of the pear slices.  

Studio Portrait

As kids grow, it gets more challenging to get natural smiles. Somehow, once they turn five, they start to give you a "cheese" smile when they stand in front of the camera. That being said, it is really important to learn ahead of time what makes the kid happy, what makes him or her smile, what things he or her gets excited about.  This information, along with a proper studio setup is key to a successful photo session. 

The set up for this session was rather simple. To the right, I used a studio light with a softbox as the main light, a reflector on the left to fill some light and a light with an umbrella directed to the backdrop to create some separation between the kid and the backdrop. 

Under the Bridge

Many times I have walked around the Boston Public Garden. Every time I go, I admire the suspended bridge and get distracted looking at the swam boats, ducks, trees, people walking around, etc. This time, for the fist time, I decided to walk under the bridge. I had the opportunity to appreciate its construction from underneath. Its columns give the bridge a very strong appearance. I  was lucky that at that specific time of the day, the sun divided the bridge with a perfect triangle. Also, the reflection of light from the ice, defined really well the lines of the concrete on top. 

Corporate Headshot

A pre-consultation session with a client before a photo session is key to success. If you've never met before, introducing each other before the session helps both the client and the photographer to be more comfortable with each other the day of the photo shoot. If you already know each other, it is equally important to meet before hand and talk about expectations, style of the photographer and what the client envisions. What it is that motivates the client to get pictures taken. What he or she look to accomplish with the photos, etc. Some times a client doesn't know what they want, so, having samples of photos on hand and listening for your client's reaction to different compositions help to understand what they really want. All the information that you get from a pre-consultation meeting is really important to know how to approach the photo session and editing of the photos.

This headshot of Krista Anderson is one of the photos that we took for her real estate website, business cards and LinkedIn page. When we met, she told me that some of the characteristics that she wanted to reflect were confidence, approachability and professionalism. Krista is a Realtor in Massachusetts. If you are buying or selling property, visit her website at and contact her anytime with your real estate needs.


Giving Back Through Our Photography

We feel very fortunate to be part of a swim team were parents are very involved in making the team a successful entity. There is an active group of people that work on communication, fundraising, meets' logistics, etc. It is a great community where you see parents  and swimmers cheering and caring for each other. As part of the team, we volunteered this season to take pictures of the swimmers during meets and offered parents the opportunity to purchase prints of their kids swimming in order to raise money for the team. We are very thankful and happy to see how the team appreciate our work and the end results. With this project we got to know a great group of parents and swimmers a little bit more.

This was a very nice experience for us. Since sport photography is not part of our everyday business, having the opportunity to do this project taught us a lot.  When it came to taking the pictures, there were some challenges we found on the way, The first one was the quality of light at the pools. All of them have very poor light conditions for photography. It's not only difficult to get a good bright picture in low light without using flashes. It's also difficult for the camera to focus fast on the swimmer. Specially when the swimmer only gets his head of the water for a fraction of a second. And in freestyle, some swimmers only breath once or twice on a pool length and it may not be necessarily on the direction of the camera. Another challenge is to try to capture all the kids in the swim team. It's difficult to identify some of the kids when they are wearing goggles and a swim cap. Events run fast and sometimes there were three or more swimmers from the team swimming at the same time.

The swimmer bellow is CJ. one of the swimmers of the team. It has been great to see him grow and improve his stroke and times through out the last two seasons.